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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Welcome Back!!!After a 3 year hiatus I'm back in full force! First, I wanted to thank all my beloved followers for still following the blog, and most importantly, for the friendships I formed because of my blog, and for all the special people I have stayed in touch with outside the blog world. Thanks for having more confidence in me than I had in myself at times.... Anyhow, enough about all that! Let's Start FRESH! Some of you may notice all past blog posts have been removed. This was only to avoid any confusion. They may be republished in the future.

Gretchen is BACK!! As are all the other lines full of the Attitude! everyone loved and will fall in love with all over again. As I type this I am working hard to get all the Digi's With Attitude! images up on my Etsy Store, and get this DT Call posted. Without the amazing DT that is about to be formed I would be nowhere. So thank you in advance for applying and being excited about the images (((Hugs)))
The call will be open until November 30th. This will give you plenty of time to grab the Freebie image, make your project and submit your application. You are welcome to submit more than one submission, feel free to grab an image from the store and submit as many projects as you wish. However, please only submit your actual application form once.

Positions Open:
DT Leader
9 DT Team Members

Please spread the word and post your submissions on your own blog and send your readers over. Grab a badge from the side bar and post it on your blog. Feel free to connect with me anytime via email or on Facebook (link to come soon)

This free image will stay up as long as the DT Call is open

You are welcome to enjoy the Freebie even if you are not applying for the DT, please just be sure to credit Digi's With Attitude! and link back here. Thanks =)

View the Application and Guidelines here